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Greetings  and Welcome,

We are divine beings. We come from Source Energy. 

Life is about Love. Love of Self, Love of others, Love of the environment, earth itself. Love is what we are made of. Source Energy is Love. Love permeates all aspects of our being.

Often times it is blocked by hurt, trauma, low emotions and low expectations. This in turn can lead some of us to act out from a place of discontent, dishonesty ,dislike and disguise.

Unable to be our true Self and come from a place of knowing your worth, your essence, your joy. When you are able to be you, love in all your splendour,  you will radiate this, vibrate this to others and assist them to step into their light.

It is our joy to assist and guide you to reach your Divine potential.

We help you inner-stand your higher calling and move forward in your own mastery, to Inpower yourself, meaning the Power , the Presence is within you. 

What light can you bring?  What understanding can you bring to a situation?


I am a Teacher, Educator , Life Alignment Practitioner , Energy therapist, Wholistic Life Coach and a former lawyer. The services provided are a result of my own personal experiences and challenges .These are some of the healing modalities and techniques I have  used ( and continue to use) to assist me through certain phases of life.

I have undertaken a spiritual education and enrichment course which I blend into the life coaching and energy therapy services I provide to individuals, young people and organisations who wish to improve their spiritual and personal development.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. I look forward to working with you!!


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