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What is Coaching?

316429-rippleCoaching helps the client to identity where they are now, where they want to be in the future and how they can get there. A Life Coach will support you to stay on track until your goals are achieved.

You may discover having a personal Life Coach to meet with is as essential as having a personal trainer or financial advisor.

A Life Coach  will:

  • Encourage you to set and achieve goals important to you
  • Focus you to produce better and efficient results
  • Encourage you to do more than you would do on your own to attain your Personal Best (P.B)
  • Provide you with support, tools and structure to accomplish more

Casual sessions  – EER:  1 hr  -£50

 *Group/Team coaching sessions, workshops or seminars are also available.

Bespoke sessions tailored to your needs to include either Reiki/Life Alignment / Transference Healing

4 Sessions

  • Working on a Life Area of your choice for re-alignment and improvement
  • Exploring your mindset for that Life Area
  • Identifying what action you need to do on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
  • Includes 1 Reiki session or Life Alignment Session or Transference Healing
  • Tailored Affirmation, Alignment

8 sessions

  • Working on 2 Life Areas of your choice for re-alignment and  improvement
  • Exploring your mindset around these areas
  • Identifying what action you need to do on a physical ,mental, emotional and spiritual level.
  • 2 Reiki sessions or  Life Alignment Sessions or Transference Healing
  • Tailored affirmations ,Alignment

12 sessions

  • Working on 3 Life Areas of your choice for re- alignment and improvement
  • Exploring your mindset around these areas
  • Identifying what action you need to do on a physical ,mental, emotional and spiritual level.
  • 3 Reiki or Life Alignment Sessions or Transference Healing
  • Tailored affirmations , Alignment

Lifestyle Coaching Packages

” Recently I was faced with a dilemma in my life that I could not see a solution for.. by the end of our conversation , not only had I the answer to the obstacle .. I was in bliss. Lois had taken me on a journey of spiritual evolution that was uplifting & inspirational . She is a natural spiritual life coach ..her ability is not something that can be taught.”  CR

“ The sessions have benefited me by having some time to focus on what I can do in the future.  Lois gives me some confidence to try new things that I was thinking about and now with her I can start to put those thoughts into action.

I would encourage someone to think about coaching as it gives them the time to focus on themselves.”  JC

How does your coach accomplish this?

We will arrange a day and time to suit your schedule as an appointment. You will be called at the agreed time.

Through face to face, Skype or phone coaching sessions your coach will focus on you. You will identify what is important to you, in your personal or professional life.

You will gain the ability to recognise, eliminate and replace obstacles or roadblocks that hold you back from what you deserve. Your coach will enable you to find your own ‘answers’ by:

  • Asking questions
  • Making specific requests
  • Actively listening
  • Expecting your best
  • Being direct and honest
  • Assigning tasks
  • Giving feedback / reflecting
  • Being there for you

What  Life Coaching is not!

It is important to note that a Life Coach does not impose their own ideas onto a client. Life coaching is not about telling people what to do or how to do it.The role is to help you find your way and to help you move along the path.

Coaching is not therapy, counselling or psychology. Coaching focuses on the present and the future. It is orientated towards the client setting goals so as to move forward.

The Coach educates the client to draw on their own knowledge and wisdom  to find the solutions or tools that work for them.

The Coach does not have the answers but has the questions which allow the client to find their own answers.


Energy AlignmentTM Coaching

All of us have potential waiting to be released. We are made up of physical,emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Lifestyle coaching can help you to identify obstacles in your daily life and plan a way forward.

It  ensures you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually aligned with the action you need to take to progress. 

What is Energy AlignmentTM Coaching

An wholistic life coaching service to identify an area of your life you choose to improve. Co- creating the steps to wellness in mind , body and spirit .

  • Uses universal laws and spiritual principles to help you
  • Assists you to create and focus on the ideal vision for you
  • Supports you to seek your own experience and learn from it
  • Facilitates awareness of mental or emotional barriers and assist in moving though these
  • Encourages self-inquiry and self-reflection
  • Reaffirms the understanding you possess within you the innate ability to be the best in whatever you choose to do

Anything is possible in a coaching relationship and some people experience:

Personal transformation

As you become aware of your mind set and your intention , you will develop tools to help you shift thoughts and actions which no longer serve you.

A more fulfilled happier life

As you decide what you desire in your life, take steps towards achieving it. When you start seeing results you become happier and more fulfilled. You are now creating the life you aspire to.

More time and productivity

As you learn to set goals and work on areas you are dissatisfied with, you become more efficient in other areas of your life. You find more time and become more productive.

More balance and more energy

Together we can identify what drains you energy and causes stress. By finding  strategies to eliminate these and focusing on what increases your energy, gives you balance and allow your life to flow with ease and grace

Reaching aspirations quicker

Once you identify what you really desire, set  steps and begin to see a way to achieve this, you are more likely to take action towards your aims. Our coaching relationship, with it’s special tools and techniques will help you to be more efficient and effective, with your thoughts, actions and time.

For more information:

Phone: + 44 (0)7904 179 336


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