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Finding Your Path
This inspiring, fun 4 week course provides a welcoming and supportive environment. To help you to improve your self-confidence and map out your ideal life plan. It is an interactive, informal, friendly course, which aims to improve your self-awareness and intention which can affect areas of your life such as health, relationships, finance, home life, career


You will learn:

  • What it means to be Self aware and how to increase it.

  • How intention affects energy

  • How to identify your own personal achievements set new ones for your personal growth.

  • The importance of being yourself

  • How to identify your life purpose

  • Universal principles which support your development

 I thought the course was brilliant… it was a much deeper course than I thought. Would recommend to everyone else”


“I now feel ready to achieve anything. I have really enjoyed the course- real breakthroughs!”


“ The course was interesting and made me realise the way I was thinking about my life in general”


Your Law, Your Life

This 8 week course includes an introductory session which outlines the 7 universal principles and how these play a part in our everyday lives.

You will learn:

•How the 7 principles are defined
•How to increase your awareness of these concepts
•How to practically apply the principles


” Thank you for putting the course on, it’s been really enlightening. Helped me on a deeper level to understand that every thought,emotion, behaviour have consequences for me and those around me”


Effective Money Coaching: Details available soon.


Life Alignment Workshop
Find Out How You’re Mind Effects Your Body!

This 3 hour workshop will:
•Demonstrate the effect our lives have on health and what can be done about it
•Explain how Life Alignment can help to cleanse, maintain and protect your energy and body
•Help you to gain more clarity around challenging issues

“Really informative, enjoyed the interconnectedness aspect and the scientific and ancient explanations”


Geopathic Stress ,Electromagnetic Fields and You! Workshop

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you stressed at work? What in your environment is influencing your energy? 

  • What is geopathic stress and how if affects you?
  • Computers, mobile phones  and your  electromagnetic field and much more…..

I understood the importance of geopathic stress. How to make changes and make my home safer from geopathic stress. I really enjoyed the workshop. I have learnt a lot today. I will be ordering some dowsing rods, to check my house and family members. Fantastic workshop. Natalaya


Finding out about different place in your house or place of work that could be making you ill. Realising  that wearing a magnet around my neck as a pendant will protect my body from devices at as well as work. Good session .Very informative. Angie

Boundless Love

In this new,exciting Introductory 3 hr workshop learn:

  • How limits on Self , limit Love
  • The balance between male & female energies
  • The Science of Love & more

“Fantastic, uplifting session, full of love and guidance. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, thought and feelings.”


Coming Soon!!  Mindset and Attitude Matters!

This course gives the participant an opportunity to think about whether their mind- set is a help or a hindrance and how our attitude can impact on various areas of our lives.

Dates, venue and cost to be advised

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