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Our homes are an extension of us, our environment ,surroundings which  ideally support us  and  nurture us. Home Alignment harmonises the home and views it wholistically, finding the emotional blockages within the home. It identifies geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation in the home,  locates the energy flow paths and heart centre of the home. In addition to balancing the occupant and their relationship to the home.

Video clip from a Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic radiation workshop

Building consultation


  • Preparation of home plan
  • Check for electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress
  • Identify the root cause ,and vortex cards
  • Treatment*

*if required

A consultation is 1 hour.

Energy exchange rate : £50  Advance payment required  Book Here

 Plan  Consultation


  • Preparation of home plan
  • Identify the root cause ,Heart Centre
  • Activate the heart centre

 Energy exchange rate : £100  Advance payment required Book Here

Occupant balances consultation ( after Home balance)


  • Relationship to  environment
  • Relationship to cosmic energy
  • Contracts / Agreements
  • Boundaries
  • Yin/ Yang Energy

 Energy exchange rate : £100  Advance payment required Book Here

Full Home Alignment Consultation


  • Preparation of home plan (completed prior to attendance)
  • Identify the root cause ,Heart Centre and Aspects.
  • Balance the  occupant  to be present in the home space
  • Identify the treatment for the root causes
  • Activate the heart centre
  • Check the energy flow path  and balance
  • Relationship to  environment /Relationship to cosmic energy
  • Contracts / Agreements /Boundaries /Yin/ Yang Energy
  • Check treatment of flow paths.
  • Balance occupant after flow path
  • Balance vortex centres in relationship to  home
  • Modalities /further treatment for the home

A full home alignment can take up to 4 hours.

Energy exchange rate : £275  Advance payment required   Book here

Subsequent consultation sessions £90  Advance payment required  Book Here

There are a number of influences on a space:

  • people who live(d) there,
  • people who died there,
  • relationship breakdown,
  • divorce,
  • geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation.

There are also other various aspects which effect our homes and space.

We have to feel safe in ourselves and safe within our home. Unless the space has been cleared or cleansed the energy that was there before has to be changed.

Home Alignment brings everything into harmony and clears  blockages  in the energy flow path of the home. These energy blockages are unique to the occupants of the home. It is similar to Feng Shui except it works with the emotional aspects as well.

The heart centre of the home is a pivotal part of Home Alignment . The feminine and masculine  yin , yang energies of the home , space need to be balanced. This can be reflected in the interior furnishings of the home, the occupant’s character, for example if the colours are dull, hard, geometrical, angular features, metal furnishings  this would indicate a lack of yin or feminine energy.

Each home , each room has a heart centre, if there is too much low vibrational energy the heart centre will shift ,as the energy in the home is not conducive to sustaining the higher vibration of love. The heart centre is the  gateway for the universal energy to come through. This increases the frequency of the home with light and love.

When you home is harmonious it supports you on your spiritual journey .

NB: For a home alignment balance additional vortex cards will need to be purchased as identified during the consultation .

For more information about Home Alignment call us on 7904 179 336 or email info@infinitepossibilities.org.uk

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